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ACHTERBERG Jeanne, Drumming, Shamanic Work and Healing : An Interview by Don G. Campbell, in D. G. CAMPBELL (Ed.), Music and Miracles, Wheaton IL : Quest Books, 1992, p. 123-127.

AGAWU Kofi, African rhythm. A Northern Ewe perspective (+ CD), Cambridge University Press, 1995.

Contains: Rhythms of society, rhythms of language, rhythms of song, rhythms of drumming and dancing, rhythms of musical performance, rhythms of folktale performance. For those who would like to enter the rhythmic labyrinth of some West-African nook.

BALASUBRAMANIAM Ramesh, WING Alan & DAFFERTSHOFER Andreas, Keeping with the beat: movement trajectories contribute to movement timing. Experimental Brain Research 159: 129-134

COOPER, Grosvenor and MEYER, Leonard .B., The Rhythmic Structure of Music. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1960.

A pioneering textbook for the study of rhythm. The authors develop a theoretical framework based essentially on a Gestalt approach, viewing rhythmic experience in terms of pattern perception or groupings and using the terms of prosody to identify them.

CROWE Barbara J., Rhythm for Life Project, Open Ear, 1994, Winter/Spring, p. 9-12.

DRAKE Carolyn, JONES Mari Riess & BARUCH Clarisse, The development of rhythmic attending in auditory sequences - attunement, referent period, focal attending. Cognition 77 (2000) 251-288

HANNON Erin & TREHUB Sandra, Metrical Categories in Infancy and Adulthood.

HART Mickey and LIEBERMAN Frederic, with SONNEBORN S.A. , Planet Drum : a celebration of percussion and rhythm. New-York : HarperCollins Publishers, 1991.

MASSART Arnould, Geomancy and Rhythm. Inquisitive Lucubrations on a Hidden Correspondence. Open Ear, 1997, 1, p. 13-18, 1997, 2, p. 9-18, 1998, 1, p. 20-27.

Is there a secret connection between geomancy, I Ching and basic rhythmic patterns ? The story of this investigation.

MAXFIELD Melinda C., The Journey of the Drum, in D. G. CAMPBELL (Ed.), Music and Miracles, Wheaton IL : Quest Books, 1992, p. 137-155.

MAYVILLE JM, JANTZEN KJ, FUCHS A, STEINBERG FL, KELSO JA, Cortical and subcortical networks underlying syncopated and synchronized coordination revealed using fMRI. Human Brain Mapping , 17 : 214-219 (2002)

REDMOND Layne, When the Drummers Were Women. A Spiritual History of Rhythm. New- York : Three Rivers Press, 1997.

Based upon fascinating myths, archaeology and history, this book demonstrates how women today can reclaim drumming as a spiritual heritage and sacred technology that celebrates the unity of matural cycles of the earth, cosmos, and human body.

REPP Bruno H., Phase Correction, Phase Resetting, and Phase Shifts After Subliminal Timing Perturbations in Sensorimotor Synchronization. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. June 2001, Vol. 27, No. 3, 600-621

SHMULEVICH Ilya & POVEL Dirk-Jan, Complexity measures of musical rhythms.

STRONG Jeff, Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention, Open Ear, 1998, 1, p. 11- 14.

ZELAZNIK HM, SPENCER RM & IVRY RB, Dissociation of explicit and implicit timing in repetitive tapping and drawing movements. J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform. 2002 Jun;28(3):575-88



ADOLFO Antonio, Brazilian Music Workshop (+ CD), Advance Music, 1993.

A comprehensive introduction to the general characteristics of various styles originated in Brazil, from Samba and Bossa-Nova to Choro, Afoxé or Frevo.

BILLMEIER Uschi, A Life for the Djembé. Traditional Rhythms of the Malinké (+ CD), Engerda, 1999

This book explains the ethnical meaning of approximately 60 traditional rhythms of the Malinké, in addition to a selection of modern ones. Practical advice for teaching and learning these rhythms is also provided.

BOURDON Christian, African Rhythms for Drumset. Rhythms from Cameroon (+ CD), Advance Music, 1999

Although not clearly defined, various rhythms of the Bikutsi, Mbala, Mangambeu, Ekang and other tribes are taken as departure points for many creative variations on the drumset. Unfortunately, there are several errors and missing tracks on the CD.

COURTNEY David R., Fundamentals of Tabla, Sur Sangeet Services, Houston, 1998.

COURTNEY David R., Advanced Theory of Tabla, Sur Sangeet Services, Houston, 2000.

FLATISCHLER Reinhard, TA KE TI NA - The Forgotten Power of Rhythm, LifeRhythm, 1992.

MAXFIELD Melinda C., Drumming the I Ching, Saratoga, CA : Journey Work, 1991.

Drumming these ancient patterns is a unique way to approach the I Ching. The process is a type of focus meditation, requiring total concentration. It is simple. Anyone can do it. It is very powerful – and it is FUN.

MAULEÓN Rebeca, Salsa Guidebook for Piano and Ensemble. Petaluma CA : Sher Music, 1993.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Salsa, its origins, its stars, instruments, styles and , above all, rhythmic patterns. Clear and comprehensive. A must !

MONTFORT Matthew, Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities. Rhythmic training through the traditions of Africa, Bali, and India. Mill Valley, CA : Panoramic Press, 1985.

A hands-on exploration of Balinese, African, and Indian rhythms that should appeal to all musicians. Recommended for any instrumentalists hoping to expand their rhythmic horizons.

NASH Kenneth, Rhythm's talk  (+ 2 CD), Advance Music 

Practical exercises on cuban, afro-cuban, latin and jazz rhythm patterns approached from a "circular concept". Each rhythmic pattern is introduced and presented at length. Interesting.


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